CNC Milling

CNC Machining

Jet Black Machine LLC offers CNC machining including CNC turning, CNC milling, CNC punching and blanking, as well as many other manufacturing and fabrication services. Our CNC machine shop located in Norman Oklahoma is state of the art.

CAD/CAM Services

CAD/CAM Services

We design using Solidworks CAD software and are able to use any CAD format to create CAM tool path for making your parts on our machines. We also provide engineering and design services including reverse engineering, measurement using CMM, inspection, product development, prototyping, and testing

Engineering and Design

Engineering/Design Services

Our staff has a background in aerospace engineering including product development, testing, and certification. We can help you develop your aerospace or other product from the ground up.

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Jet Black Machine LLC

Finally have our die set working! We are now punching washers from split coil instead of sheet! Way faster! Of course we still need to get the feeder/straightener installed and running as well as finish the decoiling machine. But the press and die set work beautifully! As long as we don’t accidentally insert material part of the way and have an uneven punch. That might make bad things happen. Not sure, but we’re making huge progress! Many thanks to the customers who have been patient with us while we moved in new equipment and worked on getting our production part process more efficient. This will help everyone in the long run because we won’t be so busy making washers! They’ll be making themselves.

Feb 25th 9:54pm • No Comments

Plate is finished up. In the next few days you’ll see our washer coil punching operation start to take shape. Gotta get our old punch press sold! Anyone know anyone looking for a CNC punch press? CHEAP!

Feb 24th 11:15pm • No Comments

The ol’ Dynamechtronics DM4500 is still kicking. We’re about to abuse it a bit by putting this 200 lb, 3″ thick plate on the table and facing it off a bit. Also, drilling some holes and thread milling some threads so we can mount our die-set for blanking washers.

Feb 24th 7:54pm • No Comments

Love the juxtaposition of our banner in the background. Didn’t mean to do that. Our washer die set looks ominous when pictured from low angles. Very cool. Just waiting on a piece of 3″ thick steel plate from Barker Steel Inc. Then we can mount this thing in the press and test her out.

Feb 19th 8:18pm • 1 Comment

Digging ourselves out from under a pile of work…. one big item just got checked off the list. Washer punching die set. Neil just finished the machining on our die set components. We have a couple more finishing touches and then we’ll be processing coil material and turning it into washers. Should be able to run around 6000 washers a day with this setup.

Feb 18th 5:22pm • No Comments


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