CNC Milling

CNC Machining

Jet Black Machine LLC offers CNC machining including CNC turning, CNC milling, CNC punching and blanking, as well as many other manufacturing and fabrication services. Our CNC machine shop located in Norman Oklahoma is state of the art.

CAD/CAM Services

CAD/CAM Services

We design using Solidworks CAD software and are able to use any CAD format to create CAM tool path for making your parts on our machines. We also provide engineering and design services including reverse engineering, measurement using CMM, inspection, product development, prototyping, and testing

Engineering and Design

Engineering/Design Services

Our staff has a background in aerospace engineering including product development, testing, and certification. We can help you develop your aerospace or other product from the ground up.

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Jet Black Machine LLC

Horrible quality video, but here’s the new motion control setup on the SEP-120 punch press for blanking washers. Should be up and running in a few days.

Jul 15th 1:30pm • No Comments

New forklift. Shes a beauty.

Jul 11th 2:20am • 2 Comments

Saying goodbye to the old electric forklift today. It’s bigger younger brother is taking over (pics coming soon). She was a good ship.

Forklift 1

There she is, right after being dropped off.

1st forklift at JBM

Jul 10th 2:22pm • No Comments

Jet Black Machine LLC likes TRC Simulators’s album Production process: Molds for the TRC 472F Cabin.

Jun 13th 2:02pm • No Comments

“Jet Black Machine wants to make…” on TRC Simulators’s status.

Jun 13th 2:01pm • No Comments


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