CNC Milling

CNC Machining

Jet Black Machine LLC offers CNC machining including CNC turning, CNC milling, CNC punching and blanking, as well as many other manufacturing and fabrication services. Our CNC machine shop located in Norman Oklahoma is state of the art.

CAD/CAM Services

CAD/CAM Services

We design using Solidworks CAD software and are able to use any CAD format to create CAM tool path for making your parts on our machines. We also provide engineering and design services including reverse engineering, measurement using CMM, inspection, product development, prototyping, and testing

Engineering and Design

Engineering/Design Services

Our staff has a background in aerospace engineering including product development, testing, and certification. We can help you develop your aerospace or other product from the ground up.

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GREAT NEWS! Jet Black Machine has begun working on a project for a new customer. This project involves the machining of prototype parts for a homebuilt aircraft development project. Our customer has a rich background in homebuilt kit development and we are proud to be working with them on their project. More details will come as they are available for public release.

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DBF season is starting. For those that don’t know, Design/Build/Fly is a collegiate competition for aerospace engineering students. It involves the creation of a radio controlled aircraft to complete usually 3 different missions involving carrying payloads. The video below is of the 2012 OU team which I mentored, testing their water drop mission. The idea was to climb as quickly as possible to 100 meters altitude and then using a standard, off-the-shelf altimeter system, drop a payload of water so the judges could see that you reached the altitude. Faster the climb, higher the score. Of all of the teams who completed this mission at competition, OU’s team had routinely beat them in practice. Due to a tornado at the competition in Wichita, we were unable to fly the mission. Mother nature kept us out, but we had our eyes on the prize. OU DBF Crimson Skies has got what it takes. BOOMER!

DBF 2012 – Crimson Skies – Mission 3 (TEST FLIGHT April 9th)

Norman, Oklahoma Mission 3 – Time to Climb: Use a single take-off to climb to 100 m altitude, at which 2L of water will be dropped to signal the “Time End” o…

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Video of the day: Lake Amphibian landing on a mountain lake. It’s a bit long, so you might want to play it at 2X speed. Someday I will have one of these!

Lake aircraft landing on Lake Isabel, WA

Craig and Joni enjoying their favorite mountain hideaway

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Another daily post here: Still looking at flying wing videos. Horten was the designer of the HO 229 flying wing bomber in Germany in late WWII. This airplane is not designed by him, but a group of folks named it after him because he was the inspiration behind the design. Pretty sweet airplane.

Horten Nurflügel (Flying Wing) Panek Ultralight 10

Horten Nurflügel Panek Ultralight 10 in flight. Designed by Dr. Reimar Horten in 1991. Built by Siegfried Panek in 1992. 2 versions: one with fixed and one w…

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